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Miss Fisher’s Music Event Recap

Nathan hosted the ‘Making the Music of Miss Fisher’ event, presented by the National Trust, in Sydney last night.

_MC_0238-EditGreg J Walker, the show’s composer, played a range of pieces along with his band, including the opening title sequence, Hugh and Dot’s theme, and Phryne’s ‘sneaking’ theme. Other pieces included ‘Foyle’, ‘Spooky’, and ‘Playful P’. Greg and Nathan also asked each other questions about their different aspects of their jobs, and opened up questions to audience.


All images copyright Sam McAdam-Cooper.

Miss Fisher’s Music with Nathan Page


Enjoy an exclusive evening with Nathan Page (DI Jack Robinson in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and composer Greg J Walker as they demonstrate with live performance and clips on the big screen how music is used to create character and drama in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

When: Thursday, January 21st 2016, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Where: Palace Nova Cinemas Palace off 250 / Nova 251 Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Tickets are:
$32 for National Trust Memebers
$35 Concession
$45 Adult

For more information, contact Vicky Hardy (08) 8223 1234 or

16th Nov. interview with Ian Henschke, etc.

The site now includes Nathan Page’s latest interview, with Ian Henschke on 891 ABC Adelaide on 16th November 2015. This recording also includes Nathan Page and Essie Davis’s rendition of “Let’s Misbehave” from the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Season 2 episode “Dead Air”.

The Voice Work page now also includes an ad voiced by Nathan for Samsung.